Elizabeth de Badlesmere Countess of Northampton


Elizabeth’s will; May 31st 1356

I, Elizabeth de Bohun, Countess of Northampton, on the last day of May 1356, with the leave of my husband do make this my will. My body is to be buried in the quire of the Church of the Friars Preachers, London; to that Church 100 marks sterling, and also the cross made of the wood of our Saviour’s Cross, which I was wont to carry about with me, and wherein is contained one of the thorns of his crown.
Also, I bequeath to the said Church two fair altar clothes of one suit, two made of cloth of gold, one chalice, one missal, one graille [1.] and one silver bell, likewise thirty-one ells of linen cloth for making of albes [2.]  and one pulpitary, one portfory [3.] and a holy water pot of silver; to the Friars Preachers at Oxford one hundred marks, two whole vestments, with two whole copes thereto appertaining, two cloths of gold of one suit and one chalice; to the Friars Preachers of Cambridge fifty pounds; to those of Chelmsford twenty pounds; to those of Exeter twenty pounds; also I will that one hundred and fifty marks be distributed to several other convents of Friars Preachers, in such manner as Friar David de Stirington shall think best, for my souls health; to the Grey Friars in London five marks; to the Carmelites five marks; and to the Augustines five marks; to the church of Rochford one pair of vestments which I used on holy days in my own chapel.
To the earl of Hereford my lord, a tablet of gold with the form of a crucifix thereon; to Humphrey my son, a cup of silver gilt with two basons and one ewer of silver; to Elizabeth my daughter, a bed of red worsted embroidered; to my sister, the countess of Oxford a black horse and a nonche[4.]; to my sister de Ros a set of beads of gold and jet with a firmaile;[5,] to Agnes Deveruex, John Avenell and Richard Waldegrave.

[1.] A book.
[2.] A white gown wore by a bishop.
[3.] A movable book of prayers
[4.] A broach
[5.] I have been unable to identify this object. I assume that it was some sort of riding equipment, if anybody can enlighten me then please do.


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