Philippa Montagu Countess of March

Philippa de Mortimer Countess of March, at Ploiusestede, [1.] November 21, 1378. My body to be buried the Conventual Church of the Holy Trinity, in the Prior of Bustlesham [2.] Montagu. I bequeath to the said Church of Bustlesham all the furniture of my Chapel, vestments, books, chalices, 8cc. to the use of the altar of St. Anne, before which altar my body shall be buried, in the second arch, near the body of my honoured Lord and father [3.] on whom God have mercy, excepting my best vestment with three capes, which I devise to the Abbey of Wigmore, and my white vestment, which I bequeath to the House of Lyngbrok. [4.] To the said altar of St Anne, a tablet of the best gold, which I brought of John Paulyn; also for the use of the said altar two basins of silver, enamelled with the arms of Mortimer and Montagu; to Edmond, my son, a bed, and c. also a gold ring, with a piece of the true cross, with this writing, “In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.” [5.] and which I charge him on my blessing to keep; likewise, a cup of silver with an escutcheon of the arms of Mortimer. And I require you my very dear son, from the great trust which I have, and ought to reasonably have in you, that on my blessing you will not disturb my executors, I will, &c. And I appoint Sir William de Aston, Sir William Winter, Ph. Holgot, and Robert Wick, my executors. And from the confidence I place in the Reverend Father in God the Bishop of Winchester, that is to say. Sir William Wykeham, and in my very dear and beloved in God Monsieur John de Bromwich, I request them, especially in the works of charity, to be aiding my executors.

Proved before,

William Courteney, Archbishop of Canterbury, at Lambeth, February 9th 1381


  1. Philippa may be referring to Plumstead Manor nr. London. See the blog “The Lost City of London” for details on this manor.
  2. Bisham.
  3. William de Montagu, 1st earl of Salisbury d. Jan 30th 1340
  4. Lyngbrok was a priory of Austin nuns in Herefordshire.
  5. In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.

Note. This is the shorter and less detailed Harris 1826 translation of the will. I have translated and modernised some words that Harris left in their original form. In due course I shall copy the French version in its entirety and provide a translation.




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