The Poynings wills

I have added these wills as they explain better the family of Agnes Mortimer, Mother of Thomas Bardolf the subject of a previous post. My notes are added in bold italic. 


Sir Michael de Poynings, Knt (1st Baron Poynings)

Michael de Poynings, Knt. Friday after the Feast of St Matthew the Apostle 1368.[1.] My body is to be buried at Poynings, [2.] near to the grave of my Mother, southwards. To the building of the new church there CC marks.[3.] To the Friars Carmelites at Shoreham, towards the building of their new church  xxl. To my heir [4.] a ruby ring which is called the Charter of Poynings, all the furniture of my Chapel, and all my armour, which my Father left me, also a pair of basins and ewers of silver, twelve new dishes, and twelve saucers of silver to the church at Chichester a cup of silver, enamelled with the arms of Arundel to my wife Joan; to Robert Botiler CXLl. [5.] and to the store on my manors of Fincham and Sidestroud in Norfolk; to Richard my son; to Margaret , my daughter cccc marks [6.]to her marriage; my bondmen in Sussex to be remembered.

Son of Sir Thomas de Poynings.  Died March 7th 1369. Fought at Crecy in 1346.

  1. September 22nd
  2. Holy Trinity, Poynings, West Sussex
  3. 200 marks
  4. Thomas
  5. £140
  6. 400 marks


Joan Lady Poynings

Joan, widow of Sir Michael Poynings Knight. Friday after the ascension 1369. My body to be buried in the church of Poynings, [1.] on the north side, near to the grave of my late husband; to the new building  of that church c marks; [2.] to Thomas my son c marks, until he be full age, then to be given to the building of the said church; to Elizabeth my daughter a drinking-cup of silver, with a cover, enamelled and gilt, and also an ewer of the same; to Richard my other son, two vases and two ewers of silver; and also to the said Richard and Thomas, my sons and to Agnes Bardolf my daughter, four pieces of silver, of one suit.

  1. Holy Trinity, Poynings, West Sussex
  2. 100 marks


Thomas Poynings, Lord Poynings (2nd Baron Poynings)

Thomas Lord Poynings, Slagham,[1.] St Simon and St Judes Day, 48 Edward III, 1374. My body to be buried in the midst of the quire of the abbey of St Radegunds, in Kent , which is of my foundation, before the high altar.  I will that a tomb be made, with the image of an armed knight, thereon of alabaster. To the Abbey cl [3.]part for making of the said tomb, and the remainder to be disposed of in masses and prayers for my soul; to Blanch de Mowbray my wife, [4.] the third part of my goods, with all of my plate and household stuff, excepting two cups of gold, one of which I bequeath to Lady Bardolf, my sister, and the other to Lady D’Aton, my sister. To Richard my brother , twelve dishes and twelve saucers of silver, with all of my armour. I will that ten annets and trentals of Gregorie be sung in the churches of Poynings and Slagham , within one year of my death; Sir Arnold Savage [5.]my feoffee and I appoint Sir William Eglington, Hugh Waterton and John Newmarche, my Executors.

It appears that Thomas, contrary to his express instructions, was not buried at St Radegunds and instead was buried near his parents at the Holy Trinity at Poynings. See the will of his brother below.

  1. Slaugham, West Sussex
  2. October 28th
  3. £100
  4. Blanche (d.1409) was the daughter of John de Mowbray, 3rd Baron Mowbray and Aline de Braose. John’s Father the 2nd baron fought on the side of Lancaster at the battle of Boroughbridge in 1322, and was captured and subsequently hanged at York. John, disinherited, was kept in the Tower of London until 1326 when Edward II was deposed by his wife Queen Isabella and Roger Mortimer.  Blanche married several times;
    1. John de Segrave, great grandson of Edward I by his second wife Margaret of France via their son Thomas of Brotherton via his daughter and eventual heir Margaret duchess of Norfolk. No children. 
    2. Sir Robert Bertram, baron Mitford. No children. 
    3. Thomas Poynings, 2nd Baron Poynings. No children. 
    4. Sir John de Worth (of Devonshire). No children. 
    5. Sir John Wiltshire. (A close friend of Thomas FitzAlan, earl of Arundel) No children.


Richard Poynings, Lord Poynings (3rd Baron Poynings)

Richard Lord Poynings, Plymouth, June 10th 1387. My body to be buried in the parish church at Poynings on the right side of the tomb of my brother Thomas Lord Poynings. For the celebration of twenty trentals for my soul and all Christian souls, x marks [1.] , to Joan my daughter for her marriage cc marks [2.], to the infant in my wifes womb, if it be a daughter cl. [3.] And if it so happens that I depart this life in such a place that I cannot be buried at Poynings, to the end that my friends afar off may take notice thereof, I will that a stone of marble be provided with an escutcheon of my arms, and a helmet under my head, and an inscription declaring my name and the time of my death. I will that the advowson of the church of Elsyng [4.] be sold, and the money bestowed in masses and trentals for the souls of Sir Michael de Poynings, my honourable lord and Father, my Mother, my uncle Richard de Poynings, my grandfather, brother and sisters and all my relations, and also for the souls of Sir Thomas Heryngaunte, Robert Botiler, John de Tyes, my benefactors for my own soul, and all Christian souls. To my loving Lady Isabel, my wife daughter to Lord Robert de Grey then called Fitz-Payne, the Manor of Wrentham, called Northale, in Suffolk for her life. also I will that the Manors of Preston juxta Ferlee and West Dene, in Suffolk, Ifeld-Peverell and Leveland, in Sussex and Surrey, with the rents of Staundene and Combesdene, in the Isle of Sheppey, to be retained for the space of twenty years by my Executor, for the payments of my debts and the marriages of my younger children. To Thomas d’Odingsells. And I appoint Sir William Percy, Knight, my executor.

Richard died in Spain very soon after hastily writing his will (in his own hand) part of John of Gaunt’s army.

  1. 10 marks
  2. 100 marks
  3. £100
  4. Church of St Andrew, Enfield


Agnes Mortimer, (Bardolf by first marriage nee Poynings)

Agnes, Lady Bardolph, widow of Thomas Mortimer, Knight, in the dwelling house of the earl of Oxford, in the parish of St Augustines de Pappey, London, January 9th 1403. My body to be buried in the Priory Church of the Holy Trinity without Aldgate, in the suburbs of London. And I appoint Henry earl of Northumberland, and my son, Thomas Lord Bardolph, supervisors of my will.

Agnes died on Tuesday June 12th 1403. 




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